Om promecon

%Based in Hamburg the family-owned company manufactures and distributes medical devices for single use in the therapeutic areas of surgery, regional anaesthesia, pain management, gynaecology, and oncology.

To complete their own product range, the company sells single-use products from renowned manufacturers such as Bovie Medical, a leading manufacturer in the field of electrosurgery in the USA or VECTEC, a French company specialised in innovative instruments for laparoscopy.

The focus of Promecon‘s product range is only high quality, but at the same time particularly economical single-use products, complemented by very good service. The portfolio is fortunately ever expanding. The set production for anaesthetic and surgical procedures is expanding rapidly due to expanding capacities.

As a modern service provider in the health care sector Promecon offers its customers comprehensive and service-oriented quality management and certification according to
DIN EN ISO 9001 and
DIN EN ISO 13485
In 2011 the new division Promecon OEM was initiated. Promecon OEM develops and produces cost-efficient anaesthesia and biopsy needles according to our customers' individual wishes. The OEM range includes the associated set production. The extension of the OEM product range is planned.

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Fabriksvænget 18 B // DK-4130 Viby Sjælland

Tel. : + 45 61 39 37 60

+ 45 61 39 37 60


Admiralitätstraße 60 // 20459 Hamburg

Tel. : +49 40 3690 1690
Fax : +49 40 3690 1699