Healthport - Fully implantable systems for venous access

With HealthPort Promecon offers six different model ranges of fully implantable port catheters for venous access in oncology With the full metal chamber made from titanium or the titanium chamber with polysulfone mantle HealthPort is well known to belong to the highest class of port systems on the market. HealthPort together with the elastomeric pumps represents the Promecon principle and mission statement to only develop, produce, and distribute valuable high-quality products for people that rely on them.


For antineoplastic systemic chemotherapy, analgetic treatment, antibiotic therapy, and other indications including parenteral nutrition.

Also suitable for transfusions of blood or blood parts as well as the repeated taking of blood samples.

Healthport is offered in in six different model ranges.

Minimax Titanium

Full-metal chamber; small chamber; catheter with rounded tip; length markings in cm and stated measurement every 5 cm Suitable for paediatrics and little subcutaneous fat tissue.

PLP All-in-One

Particularly large septum with low profile, suitable for patients with subcutaneous fat. Drugs only come in contact with titanium and silicone/polyurethane, not with polysulfone.

Particular feature: transparent connector for fast, secure and reversible connection.

PLP Titanium & polysulfone

Outside of chamber made of polysulfone; inner chamber made of titanium; catheter with rounded tip, length markings in cm and stated measurement every 5 cm Prominent edge, suitable also for pronounced subcutaneous fat tissue. Fewer artefacts on CT scans than with full-metal chambers.

ETI Titanium

Full-metal chamber, catheter with rounded tip, length markings in cm and stated measurement every 5 cm Easy placement with small incision.

Insertion sæt

Insertion instruments include:

  • 1 split cannula made of plastic with dilator and splitable cannula (peel-away-sheath)
  • 1 guidance wire with J end and straightener
  • 1 puncture needle 18G
  • 1 tunneler made of steel

Please take the order numbers for the suitable insertion instruments from the tables of the respective Healtports.
Alternatively the systems can be delivered in one package with their respective insertion instruments. In that case the order numbers are: 201.XX.12.XX,, i.e. they contain a 12 instead of a 10 in the third position.


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